A complete guide on how to build, test, and automate iOS app deployment.

As developers, we spend so much time on repetitive tasks like preparing builds, running tests, and pushing them to Stores. Secretly we all wish the process to be easier.

In this article, we are going to see how can we build, test and deploy our iOS app on AppStore automatically without using Fastlane. The build will be pushed to TestFlight after merging PR in the master branch of the git repository.

To make navigation easier, I have divided the article into 3 separate sections. We will explore scripts to —

  • Automate build
  • Automate tests
  • Automate deployment

We will set up CI in such a way that every commit will run tests and build process but only master commits will push builds to TestFlight.

I have used GitLab CI for example but you can take script commands and fit them into any other CI like Jenkins and Github Actions easily.

Note — I have assumed you all have the basic idea about app deployment on ITC (AppStore Connect) and you already have created your app to the AppStore console.

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